A Year To Be Stressed

When you think of your senior year of high school, you think of all the activities that comes throughout the year. Your last homecoming dance, prom, and of course graduation. Even though it seems like all fun and games, reality will soon hit us. Seniors are faced with many problems and hardships during the last year of high school. One of the major problems is that many of the classes we take don’t necessarily prepare us for the real world. After high school, what’s left? College, living on your own, bills. It’s all apart of the process we’re not really prepared for since we have depended on our parents for many years. Okay, so maybe all of the years we’ve been in school has prepared us for college, but not really. We’re forced to quickly plan out the rest of our lives in the midst of one year, our junior year. Senior year is mainly about getting into colleges and filling out applications, so we really don’t have time to think things through before we make our decision. Because of how fast we have to figure out what we’re going to college for, many people choose something they don’t want to make a career out of. According to Borderzine, about 80 percent of students change their major. This is because a lot of people aren’t introduced to a variety of majors/ careers that they would be interested in making a living out of. Not to mention the senioritis all the seniors already have. We have a long stressful year ahead of us.


3 thoughts on “A Year To Be Stressed

  1. I honeslty agree with you. I sometimes feel the same way of going into the world is going to be a huge change, but then again I can’t wait to get away from my parents. Not to be wild or anything, well maybe lol, but mostly because I want to see and learn what’s it’s like to truly be alone in this and what it means to be an adult.

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  2. I honestly feel the same way. High school courses don’t prepare us for real world events like paying bills. Most of the learning of those subjects are done on our time; however it should be included in the classroom.

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